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    chore: update release process (#2278) · f7a066e7
    DaniPopes authored
    * chore: strip ethers prefix for the ethers-wasm example
    * chore: set publish to false and version to 0.0.0 for all example crates
    * chore: remove unused release helpers
    * chore: move CHANGELOG.md to CHANGELOG-OLD.md
    * chore: update lockfile and wasm renames
    * chore: renames
    * chore: use git-cliff for generating CHANGELOG.md
    * chore: renames
    * chore: update release.toml
    * chore: move examples script
    mv \
    scripts/examples.sh \
    * chore: add release script
    * fix: update release script and document
    * fix: mv
    * docs: remove 'update changelog' in PR template