Commit d794957b authored by Jean-Marie Favreau's avatar Jean-Marie Favreau
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Add an entry for non existing crossroads

parent d398e3dc
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
Settings = {};
Settings.question_list = '{ \
"exists": { "question": "Existing crossroad", "type": "multiple_choice", "values": ["yes", "no"], "default": "yes" }, \
"scale": {"question": "Crossroad scale", "type": "multiple_choice", "values": ["correct", "too large", "too small"], "default": "correct" }, \
"nb_branches": { "question": "Number of branches", "type": "multiple_choice", "values": ["correct", "too few", "too much"], "default": "correct" }, \
"branches": { "question": "Branches configuration", "type": "multiple_choice", "values": ["correct", "two or more branches are merged", "one or more branch is split", "merged and split branches"], "default": "correct" }, \
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