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<li><p>Compute crossroad segmentation using <a href="">cseg</a>. Example (compute all crossroads at distance less than 1000 meters from the obélisque (Clermont-Ferrand):</p>
git clone<br />
cd crossroads-segmentation/src<br />
./ --by-name obélisque -r 1000 --to-json-all crossroads-obelisque-1000.json
<pre class="pre-scrollable">
git clone
cd crossroads-segmentation/src
./ --by-name obélisque -r 1000 --connection-intensity 4 --to-json-all crossroads-obelisque-1000.json
<li>Follow the link for <a href="evaluate.html?tool=evaluate-segmentation">segmentation evaluation</a>, load <code>crossroads-obelisque-1000.json</code> and answer all the questions. Download the updated json file with the evaluation answers.</li>
<li>Use the evaluation browser to have a user friendly rendering of this json file. <em>(available soon)</em></li>
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